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Dear colleagues!

At present time in Russia partnership of state and business on the creation the systems of new technical legislation and standardization is developed. The normative bases of production activity change, the spheres of the responsibility of state and market are divided. Business obtains the possibility of introducing the progressive, economically expedient and safe for the society and the environment of technical standards.
The technical regulation reforms and national standardization system is one of the key issues of the competitive ability of Russian energy sector.
On September 11 - 12, 2007 in the Astrakhan takes place the 2nd International Conference International standardization: ways to increase the economic efficiency of enterprises in oil and gas sector in Russia (NefteGazStandart - 2007).
In the Conference organization participats the Russian Union of industrialists and businessmen , JSC Gazprom, the Astrakhan region Governor, Interindustry Council for standardization in the oil and gas complex (ICS in OGC) of Russia.
Conference is the highest of activity ICS OGC, which combined the representatives of the Government, the leading Russian and international oil and gas companies, companies and enterprises in the ensuring fields and service, organizations for standardization and the industrial associations of branch, national, international, scientific and planning organizations for resolution concerning reorganization and development of standardizations system in the oil and gas complex (OGC)
First conference is past in September 2006 under the aegis of the World petroleum council (IOC). It is organized together the RSPP, Russian national committee MNS and JSC NK Rosneft, Khanty - Mansiysk autonomous area government - Yugra. In the heart of West Siberia - in the Yugra capital - Khanty - Mansiysk.
Results of full consideration and analysis the state reform and necessary measures for its advance in OGC conference accepted the resolution, which was been orientate for the consolidation of the proposals of different industrial, scientific and public circles of Russia into the RF Government and personally to the President of Rassa - Vladimir Putin with respect to a change in the Federal law 184-FZ About the technical regulation, by program document for further work ICS in OGC.
On the ICS in OGC solution such annual conferences are carried out through the turn by companies - the members of council in the cities of their production activity. 2-nd Conference initiator JSC Gazprom.
To the Astrakhan conference in this year are invited the chief world specialists in standardization from the management of European Economic Commission of United Nations, International and European organizations for standardization (TC ISO 67 and TC CEN 12), European Commission, International association of oil and gas producers, Russian federal, regional and municipal authority, leading International and Russian oil and gas companies and industry science.
One must estimate the reached in the past business year results, on their basis coordinate the subsequent program purposes and priorities, discuss initiatives and ideas, with the increasing activity the advanced by reforms participants in OGC from the places, plan ways and measures for their joint realization.
We invite you to participate in the international conference NefteGazStandart-2007 and request to send to it representatives of your organization, who treat technical policy.
The urban center of armoring and tourism is the technical operator of conference.
On questions of participation request to be turned to Egorova Marina
tel. (495) 262-14-47, e-mail:
Application: - the program of conference;
     - the plan of conducting conference;
     - claim for participation;

Term of administration JSC Gazprom''
V. Rusakova

Vise- President   RSPP
D.  Pumpyanskiy

Astrakhan      Region Governor

A. Zhilkin

 Chairman ICS of OGC
 G. Shmal





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