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Dear colleagues!

We have the honor to invite you to VII International Conference "NEFTEGAZSTANDART-2012", to be held from 11 to 13 September in St.-Petersburg.
Organizers of the event are the Russian Union of industrialists and entrepreneurs, Rosstandard, the RSPP's Intersectoral Council in oil and gas complex of Russia.
The main tasks of the Conference is to review the current status of the reform of technical regulation and standardization in the countries of the Customs Union, as well as the problems, perspectives and ways of development of gas production in Russia in the framework of the common economic space and the accession to the WTO.
Will be a full program of activities. Within the business part of the Conference will be held the meeting of Interstate Technical Committee for Standardization of the techniques and technologies for the mining and processing of oil and gas (MTK523), as well as thematic round tables.  
Integrated, comprehensive analysis of sectoral issues in the context of the main directions of economic development of the country has become a tradition for conferences NEFTEGAZSTANDART.  Many of the proposals emanating from the conferences of the past, not only guide of RSPP's position but formed the basis for State policy in the field of technical regulation.
The participants of the Conference will be representative. The Conference will bring together leading experts in the field of standardization of the European Commission, the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission, the International Association of oil and gas manufactures (OGP), technical committees for Standardization, (TC23/MTKC523), ISO/TC and TC 67 12 CEN, American Petroleum Institute (API).
Also invited to representatives of the federal and regional authorities, heads of the bodies for Standardization of Customs Union, specialists of leading Russian and international oil and gas companies, industry associations, and scientific and designing organizations.
We invite you and your organization, responsible for technical policy, to participate in the VII International Conference NEFTEGAZSTANDART-2012.
On the subject of speeches you can contact the Committee for technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment. The contact person is D.Michurina:
Tel.: (495) 663-04-50, or by e-mail: PR-RGTR@RSPP.RU.
On organizational matters of participation please contact the City center of Booking and Tourism:
Tel: (495) 730-73-16, Marina Egorova (ext. 426), by e-mail:


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